What's this site about...

This is the personal portfolio site of freelance Web designer Gianni Losi.

Within these pages you can find out something about me, see some of my previous projects and get in contact perhaps just to say hi.


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Creativity at the service of communication

exceteraWEB is an idea of Gianni Losi aimed at bundling into a single package more services to create effective communication.

Be it an upscale website, an accurate translation service, or the creation of an online resume, exceteraWEB can provide you with a "helping hand".  And even though it is still an idea at its beginnings, great is the passion and commitment applied to finding the best, customized, innovative and successful solutions carried out through the most advanced technologies

exceteraWEB is a helping hand that will go beyond any of your expectations. It is creativity at the service of communication.

Give it a try!

Who is Gianni Losi

In the huge showcase that is the Internet, talking about myself to try and generate any kind of interest is like climbing the Himalayas carrying the sherpa in my backpack. A backpack that becomes heavier and heavier when the lines available are just a few.

Forget then, about height, weight, eyes and hair color, what I can say, is that I was born in the worlds capital city of fashion, Milan, Italy and many years later I found myself on the other side of the ocean, in the country of Uncle Sam, trying to invent a new way of making a living. I drove back and forth on I-94 from Hayward, Wisconsin to the capital city, Madison where thousands miles later, I earned an Associate Degree in Marketing. I have since worked for international marketing firms, and then finally found a true passion: web design.

I still spend part of the year in Italy, my home country, where I am re-immersed in my own culture, but with the difference of having my eyes opened to another way of doing and being, sometimes questioning the things my compatriots would never stop to think about; in both countries.

Over the years I have become a skilled Web designer who finds inspiration in a cocktail of ingredients apparently unrelated to one another. A concoction of speed and big city style from the "Milanese" metropolis blended with the magical peace of the silvery lake, the smell of rain in the woods, the surprise and wonder of seeing a deer walk elegantly past my window as I work.

I agree. I'm having a hard time in getting to the point.  I know, I have said too little, or possibly nothing of use in what should be an introduction.  After all, who I am, my human and personal experience may interest only those who would like to know me.  To all others, those interested in Gianni the Web designer, Gianni the translator, or Gianni the resume service performer, I'll leave it to the pages of this site to tell the story.

After all, an image is worth a thousand words!

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